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Thanksgiving Cake Ideas!

Set your holiday dessert table right with these scrumptious Thanksgiving cake recipes that think outside the pie crust. Whether it's a show-stopping layer cake or a simple sheet cake, you can't go wrong with baking one of these Thanksgiving cakes.

Here, we have cakes that all your guests will enjoy! If you're looking for something seasonal, there are also cake ideas that feature fall produce like pears, cranberries, blueberries, and apples. Of course, when it comes to Thanksgiving, we can't forget about the pumpkin desserts. Pumpkin spice fans will go crazy for the pumpkin spice cake with caramel glaze or the pumpkin roll cake that even novice bakers can make.

And, if you're feeding a crowd, you'll be pleased to learn that serving both cake and pie is completely acceptable. In fact, it's encouraged! While you're at it, bake some Thanksgiving cookies, too.

There you go!

Prepare for your family to devour after dinner, even though they are stuffed!

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