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Lorie Nicholas




I remember as a child looking forward to the holidays when my brother and I would help Mom make a gingerbread house.  We would make the gingerbread dough from scratch. We had so much fun mixing up all the ingredients- sifting the flour, pouring the sugar- Oh what a mess we made, but it was fun. After the gingerbread dough was made, we would cut the gingerbread to the measurements of my mother’s milk carton house shapes, then wait impatiently as the gingerbread cookies baked.  Once all of the cookie shapes were out of the oven and all cooled off, the real fun would begin the decorating. What a treat it was to select amongst the variety of colorful decorations to create what was according to my brother and me, our Masterpiece home. The end result- a beautiful gingerbread house and the gingerbread people who lived inside.

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Imagine creating dessert masterpieces of gingerbread houses, celebrating birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, retirements or other celebratory events for your family, church, community centers or even your job. Imagine creating lifetime memories of fun, decorating cakes with family and friends, and posting pictures of your cake decorating designs to share with others as you capture such a memorable moment.


I am fortunate to take my love of baking and decorating cakes, cookies and other sweet treats that were taught to me over the years by my mother and now share these skills with the rest of the world. I look forward to teaching you the fun craft of cake decorating.


So, don’t delay, sign up now for a class, so that you can create cherished long lasting memories and pictures with your family and friends.


Lorie has been decorating for over 20 years and she is a Certified Wilton Cake Decorating Instructor.  

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