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SUMMER Cake Pop ideas!

Summer is officially here and I hope you guys will have the chance to do something fun!

These beach ball cake pops are a great way to get in the right mindset, these cake pops are portable, precious and always-delicious. Transforming your cake pops into magical desserts could be perfect.

They are so sweet and simple and have such strong and graphic visual appeal. They just

sing summer and sunshine, and they make me smile, and make me wish I was at the pool right now. To make cake pops, start with crumbled cake and then mix it with frosting.

- Using a spoon, scoop out a ping pong ball size of cake pop mixture. Roll the mixture in your hands to create a round ball. Melt the white colour melts as per the instructions on the pack. - Dip a cake pop stick about 2cm into the white colour melts and insert it into the bottom of the cake ball so it goes halfway into the cake. Place the cake pop into a polystyrene block and leave to harden for a few minutes. Making sure the melts are still warm, dip and swirl the cake pop into the white colour melts. Tap off the excess on the side of the tub. Place in the polystyrene block until the melts have set and are dry to the touch. With a knife score each cake pop into eight equal sections. With a paintbrush, paint on the edible glue on alternate sections and sprinkle on the sanding sugar after each section has had the glue applied. - Shake off the excess. Dot on the top a small amount of white colour melts and attach a confetti sprinkle.

You can even display them in a dish filled with light brown sugar or cookie crumbs for sand.

so super cute for a party presentation.

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