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Popular Christmas Cookie Ideas!

Deck the halls with Christmas cookies! As we enter the peak season for cookie baking, we want to share the holiday cookie ideas with you, because you love to bake and share again and again. Some are simple, some are fancy — and all of them are baked with a lot of heart. Check them out and maybe you'll find new favorites to add to your holiday cookie trays.

Spread some holiday cheer with sugar and spice — and lots of frosting!

Baking a big batch of traditional Christmas cookies is one of our favorite family holiday traditions. It just doesn’t seem like Christmas until we’ve pulled out the cookie cutters and created these Christmas classic delights with our kids. There’s no need to buy them from the store; save lots of money and make them yourself! It’s such a fun way to spend a cold, winter afternoon with the littles (or not-so-littles).

In addition to being fun to make, the flavor of these holiday cookies is incredible! Give these Christmas sugar cookies a try. Trust us, Santa loves them! He can never take just one bite.

If you leave these mammoth treats for Santa, don't forget a supersized glass of milk to wash them down!

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