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Halloween Cake Pops Ideas!

Add a festive and delicious touch to your Halloween party with these easy cake pops ideas.

Decorative and cute, our Halloween Cake Pops are very simple to make, only requiring a little legwork for the decorating. The pops are made out of one prepared box of cake mix combined with some store-bought frosting.

This mixture is then rolled into balls and set in the refrigerator before being submerged in different colored candy melts. You can use any flavored cake and frosting that sounds appealing, just be sure to use the right amounts called for in the recipe. The candy melts that coat the cake pops are a better alternative to chocolate because they are more stable and less likely to seize up.

They also add a smooth coating of color which is an important base for any delicate decorating. White chocolate, a simple royal icing, and black nonpareil sprinkles are all that's needed to decorate the smooth surfaces of these three different Halloween cake pops—but whether you pick up the mummy, the pumpkin, or the spider web cake pop, you can count on them being equally delicious and adorable.

Never mind how delicious they are and that they’re practically guilt-free.

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