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Fondant Mother's Day Cake Ideas!

Make Mother’s Day extra special this year. It may be hard sometimes to show her how much you love her, and appreciate everything she does, but what better way to spoil mum on Mother’s Day than with a homemade cake.

How do you make fondant for cakes?

You can use marshmallows, powdered sugar, and water.

How do you decorate a cake with fresh flowers?

Make sure to use flowers that are safe and edible and not exposed to any pesticides.

Roses, lavender, and pansies are safe edible flowers and very popular on wedding cakes.

Avoid flowers that have a very strong fragrance because that can transfer over to the cake too. Wash flowers in cold water and pat them dry. Cut the stalks so they are about 3 inches long. Insert plastic straws in the cake in which you will insert the stalks. Use bubble tea straws to insert thicker stalks. This also prevents the stem from weeping into the cake.

You can also use an elastic band to hold a few stalks together to create a very full flower and use those to decorate some parts of the cake as well.

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