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Cupcakes - YAY!

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Simple ombre cupcake: We love the idea of an elegant ombre effect on cupcakes. This tone-on-tone technique adds high style without being over-the-top. To get this effect for your next celebration, you’ll just want to whip up a batch of your favorite frosting and divide it into four, dying each a deeper shade of whatever color you choose—but remember to leave one plain white. Then using a round pastry tip (or even a zip-top bag with a corner cut), just pip concentric circles onto your cupcake.

Confetti trim cupcake: Want more sprinkles? We’ve got you covered! To make this confetti sprinkle cupcake, frost one of your favorite cupcake recipes. Then roll the outer edge of your cupcake in colorful sprinkles.

Chocolate decorations: Trace or draw a basic shape onto some waxed or parchment paper. Simple designs like hearts, stars, and letters work best. Then melt the chocolate of your choosing and trace the design using a piping bag. Let these set in the fridge until they’re completely cool and solid.

Do yourself a favor, enjoy NOW these cupcakes.

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