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Our easy cupcake decorating ideas will make your favorite recipes look totally professional.

We’ve got a handful of easy cupcake decorating ideas without crazy tools or fancy techniques.

  1. Buttercream rose: An easy way to make your favorite cupcake look elegant is by making a rose design on top.

  2. Frosting pom-pom decoration: Create this pretty abstract effect is a round pastry tip and bag (or just the corner snipped off a zip-top bag). Using your pastry bag, pipe circles around the cupcake.

  3. Mini-floral cupcake: Just fill up a piping bag with your favorite buttercream tinted in any floral hue, then pipe small florets on top of the cake being sure to fill in every last inch.

  4. Watercolor-inspired cupcakes: To make these paint palette-esque cupcakes, separate your favorite frosting recipe into three or more bowls and dye each a different color. Then, using an offset spatula, just spread small daubs of frostings across the cupcake until it’s covered.

  5. Two-tone cupcakes: One of the simplest ways to give your cupcakes a new look is to double the color. Fill a piping bag with two shades of buttercream frosting. You can use any pastry tip you choose

  6. Sprinkle-dipped decoration: All you have to do is frost a cupcake with your favorite frosting and then roll the top in the sprinkles of your choosing.

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