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Christmas Cakes Ideas That Will Make You Forget All About Cookies!!

This holiday season, bake up a cake filled with the flavors that remind you of Christmas: ginger, cranberry, mint, and—of course—chocolate! These homemade holiday treats start the celebration right.

By the time December 25 arrives, you've already baked up plenty of Christmas desserts including holiday cookies, pies, homemade candies, and other baked Christmas treats. So how do you top all that when planning the ultimate Christmas dinner menu? With a homemade Christmas cake, of course! With a little baking, a lot of icing, and a little time with a frosting spatula, you can make something that will truly impress. Skip the cookies and put out a slice, with some milk, for Santa!

Escape a holiday baking rut with the help of these creative cake ideas.

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