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Birthday Cake Ideas!

The best Birthday Cake recipe! You get a pillowy soft and tender, perfectly light style cake it’s swirled with a classic birthday cake and vanilla flavor.

Birthday cake decorations don’t need to be fancy or over the top! Don’t let the decorating part of making a birthday cake be stressful at all. I used a small offset spatula to spread the frosting on my cake, but you could just as easily use a butter knife.

This homemade recipe far outdoes a box cake mix. The flavor is a thousand times better plus it’s naturally flavored with real vanilla and almond extract and made with real butter.

It also includes a little bit of oil to ensure the cake stays moist.

After many years of testing cakes, I’d have to say this is the ultimate birthday cake!

Some of these cakes are a fun twist on a traditional cake.

Good Luck!

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